A downloadable game for Windows

Made by: FullContributionTEAM


Zj4w4P - zj4w4pl@gmail.com

Talim - b.kuchta996@gmail.com

soyaris -magdalena.kielar96@gmail.com

Jagoda404 - jjagoda404@gmail.com

You try to win the love of your life Lady Crow before your friend does. You do so by bringing her shiny items such as golden coins. Shot your opponents to slow them down or grab the medals the're carrying. Eat the remaining bodies to sate your hunger.

Game requires 2 xbox gamepads.


a - jump

b - pickup/eat

x - shoot

Left/Right Trigger - flying up/down


UE4JAM_CrowsOfLove.rar 132 MB

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